Alisha J M.U.A. is a native Georgian and an entrepreneur.  She is known for her makeup brand Church Girl Makeup and has been a makeup artist for the past 7 years.  She has been trained by some of makeup artistry’s elite including celebrity makeup artists Synthe Online, Scoobie West, Alex Butler, Syretta Bell (Head Makeup Artist for Tyler Perry Studios) and Gwynnis Mosby, founder and educator of the Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy in Atlanta, GA.

Some of her work has been featured in the movie “Taken,” written and produced by Pastor Jenice Borges of the Vision Center Christian Church (VC3) and various fashion shows and magazines around the Atlanta area.

Alisha has a degree in Psychology from Emory University.

In all that she does, she gives glory to God because she knows that He is the giver of all things.  She believes that without faith she would not have accomplished all that she has been able to accomplish in her life.